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About us

Experienced & Effective

We have 30+ combined years of teaching diverse groups of learners with tailored instruction and in-house materials

Top-tier Proficiency

We have native foreign and near-native English language proficiency to make sure all the nuance is properly conveyed

Dependable & Responsive

We place a very high priority on our clients and are dedicated to helping you reach your buisness objectives

Globally Aware

We posess deep cultural awarness, closely follow current affairs, and are adept at the nuances of an interconnected world


We offer top-tier Chechen and Russian language services to support your most critical buisness needs:

Language Instruction

  • 1:1 or group instruction         
  • On-site or virtual
  • All proficiency levels per the ILR scale
  • Any combination of reading, listening, speaking, and/or writing modalities
  • Development of custom curriculum and tailored lessons
  • DLPT and OPI prep


  • Document translation
  • Audio transcription/translation
  • Large volume analysis of tone/theme
  • All topics, with a specialty in geopolitics


  • Consecutive interpretation
  • On-site or virtual


  • Unparalelled cultural and geopolitical insight into the Former Soviet Union to include historical and current pressing issues

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Our professionals have routinely supported the public and private sectors over the past 20 years recieving glowing feedback.

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of Defense

U.S. Department of Justice


Below are our full-time language professionals. Projects requiring outside skills are possibile utilizing our extended network of specialists.

Team Lead

Linguistically-educated native Chechen and Russian speaker, near native English speaker, leading English-language author on the Chechen language.

Senior Specialist

Highly linguistically-educated native Chechen and Russian speaker, advanced English speaker.

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We are standing by to answer any questions you may have on how we can fill your critical needs.



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